February 12, 2007

Like parent, Like child

Madmomma wrote a lovely post on this. On this very blog, I have been asked more than once, if Anushka resembles me.

Honestly, she hardly does and it hurts to admit it. When I conceived, Navy and I only wished for the baby to be healthy & happy. Then she was born and everyone gushed how fair she was -just like Navy. ( much to the relief of some in Navy's family) "Oh please, all babies are fair. They get darker with time", I said. After all, I had been a fair baby myself.

She has a pug nose, not mine or Navy's. She has curly hair- more like my paati. So I would claim she is tall, has long limbs and fingers- just like me. But whom was I kidding- Navy also has all those. But yes, she has my eyes.( minus the short-sightedness hopefully)

As she is growing up I am happy to notice how similar we are.
She has a ready smile and a hearty laugh.
She loves music, dance and clothes.
She enjoys outings and the movies
She fusses to get her way with Navy and he indulges her
She is curious, has opinions and communicates loud and clear
Naughty with us and an angel when outsiders are around
She eats all veggies and snacks heavily (if i permit)
She eats messily. ( I know what your are thinking but yes i am happy to have company)

But there ARE things that I hope & pray she gets from Navy and not me:
His way with numbers (I can't tell 40% of 4 quickly in a situation)
His athleticism & his ability to laugh at himself ( I am really not sporty- in either sense of the term)
His great complexion- note diff between colour and complexion

They say children change with time. Most of all, I hope she is her own person- a strong, concerned and reliable individual.


The Kid said...

I am all for the pug nose. Anything that defies typical Iyengar features!

Go pug nose!

R.E.B.E.L said...

She eats messily... Cute.. :)
You eat messily...? Wats wrong with you????????

Inder said...

i don't want to be like my parents. neither i want my kid to be like me. i don't know why...

artnavy said...

kid- anush is in good compnay there- sri devi also had one right

REBEL- u sound like my mom. Well I admit i AM messy when it comes to South Indian food eating. But my logic is that anyway everything gets mixed up in the stomach so i just mix it all up UNIFROMLY on my plate and then eat with a spoon ( the rice/ gravy ( sambar/ kootu)/ poriyal( dry subji) and the papad if any)
saving grace- i eat all other food nicely- so if we get togetehr for lunch/ dinner let us NOT do South Indian?

inder- it is a good thing - possibly everyone learns from the previous one's mistakes and emerges a stronger independent individual

Hip Grandma said...

Let anush be herself.A bit if both of you but mainly herself.

itchingtowrite said...

she will turn out great- all depends on the upbringing i guess

artnavy said...

Hhgmom- completely agree with you - as the last line in the post says

Only hope she takes the good aspects of both of us

artnavy said...

tnx itchy- yeah - u reap as you sow

The Mad Momma said...

well that was beautiful and i really hope she grows up to be the person you have dreamed of... because every bit of it sounds perfect....

Orchid said...

Yes I agree with mad momma....that was beautiful. Isn't it amazing to make note of the similarities..I mean as they get older even the not-so-obvious ones will become obvious and it just leaves you amazed.Ah! genetics!

NZ said...

That was a lovely post. I am sure she would grow up with her own personality and sometimes a mix of both her parents :-)
All we should concentrate on is to make our kids a good human being first and foremost and rest will fall in place, I think. Atleast , i am trying that with mine and only time will tell if I was right or not.

artnavy said...

tnx madmomma nz and orchid

One always has higher hopes and aspirations for one's children- I think I shld NOT thrust my own dreams on her but help her learn to dream some of her own and try & help her make them happen as well

what say?

The Mad Momma said...

oh absolutely ... no thrusting doctor-engineer dreams... but there is no harm at all in wishing good traits like 'strong, concerned and reliable individual'. what else are we parents doing if not trying to instill those? and why would anyone not want those?!! you go girl!

mommyof2 said...

Lovely post:-)