January 23, 2007

For the love of it!

I am so in my element when I create and make presentations. The whole process of establishing a flow, collecting data, ideating and making the whole thing a visual treat & then sharing, debating and presenting it- oh! it is such a turn on.

Those are the times I really love my job!! For anyone interested, alamy is a wonderful resource for pictures as are treklens and trekearth.

Is it necessary to be good at something to love it- I really do not think so. But you derive more satisfaction if competence and love get together. Maybe then you are motivated and inclined to improve?

Am reading- "It is not about the bike." Lance Armstrong's autobiography. It begins in a very truthful fashion- read "brutally honest". Will tell you more in a couple of days.


KK said...

Nice info :)

have read your old posts which I missed. ABjr surely needs a award for Guru :)

Usha said...

I always envy people who have a creative streak in them - it is so fulfilling to creat something right?
Good for you!

artnavy said...

tnx kk and usha

see u disprove the notion that people only read the most recent post

usha- pl do not fish- u r so creative yourself- the kolams and the writing both