January 22, 2007

The Other Guru

Saw Guru at the new INOX in Chennai. It is a cut paste of various Mani Ratnam flicks. Nayakan was about an underworld don and Guru is about a Business don. Abhishek ( always my favourite) deserves an award for his histrionics. Wish Ash had that darker bronzed look that she had in Dhoom2- would have looked more credible as a village belle. Mithun was wonderful as the righteous paper owner as was Madhavan as a reporter. Vidya Balan (of Parineeta fame) made a blink and you miss role memorable. Was not sure the end was convincing enough.
Screen L2L kisses make an entry in Mani's films as well and a far better one than Dhoom 2 this. But all said and done, as The Hindu reviewer put it- Mani talks!! We took Anush along and she laughed when we did and clapped with me at ab's ( AB jr's) entry.
Do any of you recall Guru in the TV serial Nukkad. I had crush on him, though I was barely 10 at that time. Where have guys like him gone?

Citi Centre I find is a cool place to hang out with lot of shopping opportunity, a great play areas for little ones and a good food court. INOX is more or less like Sathyam's Studio 5. Wonder what wil happen if the theatres have a ceiling on the ticket prices ( Rs 80 max). Am not sure I am ready for the kind of crowds I will have to view a movie with. Not very egalitarian but I cant help the way I feel. However will welcome a pricing that deters fleecing of consumers but at the same time ensures a fairly decent crowd. Maybe they can carry theatre ratings like the Hotel industry and be allowed to charge a premium for better, cleaner facilities.

As clean goes, there was dog that had been run over on the road yesterday. I was nto sure who would remove it. Saw a couple of ONYX guys ( garbage clearers) and asked them. They said it was not their job. I said "Yes, I understand but could you guide me to the one responsible?" They were clueless. Does one call the municipality or the Blue cross ? Can the contact numbers also be made available to all public. Or do we need to live up to that callous dialogue that older Indian action movies had " Kutthe ki maut maregaa?"

On a happier note, everyone seems to be getting married. I have a lot of gifts to buy. And a lot of sari wearing to do. On the earlier post- since soooooo many of you are waiting with bated breath, ( am I delusional or what)... The girl went stiff. She had broken her back. So much for trying to tone up for the wedding. It would not happen now, she thought. Her parents were very anxious. I will sue these gym guys her mother said in her usual style. A couple of co- rope exercisers gathered around in concern/ sympathy. She started yelling " leave me alone" The instructor woke her up and helped her up. She asked her to touch her toes. "No problem, see?" This happened in my gym last Friday. So it is fact that I still have one more wedding to attend.


Sanjay said...

Nice review. Weddings are indeed ocassions to dress up. :)

Praba said...

nice to read your posts! Couldn't help holding my chuckle reading the girl's rope incident.Thank goodness the girl didn't get hurt..Happy for you that you get to attend another wedding!


Orchid said...

Will just wait for the dvd this time...after dragging hubby to the theatre for DHoom 2 I really need to give the poor guy a break.
Looks like it's hello to a new era of consumerism in India-can't be bad for the economy at all.
Enjoy-the weddings, getting dressed, the food and all the fun!

Something to Say said...

o cool... weddings can be great fun... I havent attended one in 2.5 years - so i am a lil nostalgic about it - the last one i attended - was my own.
So you liked Guru, eh? hmmm will wait for DVD version now.

sam said...

Kinda 1/2 way dramatic.

theanalogkid said...

are u talking about the citi centre in purasawalkam? its been very long since i lived in chennai so am curious to know. i used to shop there for pc games once upon a time. its a small building isnt it? where is INOX in chennai? INOX charges 180 bucks here in blore. atrocious and ridiculous i should add. PVR is no differant too. The technology in satyam was far superior to the multiplexes from my experience long back. Havent seen Guru yet. looks like Mani is losing his charisma. He should start making art movies and stop this artsy BS.

Has to be me said...

The inox is up & running eh? I was waiting to see it whilst I was there in Chennai! Anyway will catch up with it soon! :)
Yet 2 c guru.....ash doesnt look good in the pic with her hair tied up!
Weddings r fun for sure....hopefully I'll have a few to attend this year! I love to dress up too! So much fun! Enjoy the wedding season!

artnavy said...

praba- u r very encouraging

orchid/sts/ sanjay- none of u recall guru from nukkad?

analogK- ref to teh one near santhome - marina- i guess RA puram- it is huge- maybe equal to one wing of spencers- like malls in KL
hastobeme- u r going to be in chennai again- we must catch up then for sure

iz said...

Dont know if i've asked you before, but OK to blogroll you?

artnavy said...

yes of course- am honoured

Usha said...

As for dead dogs, yes it is the job of the municipality and Bluecross will also act on a request or at least lead you in the right direction.

artnavy said...

tnx usha for the input- at least u registered my query

Anonymous said...

I remember Guru from Nukkad. I had a semi-crush on him too. His name was Dilip Dhawan and he acted in lots of Hindi movies too, as the hero/heroine's brother, friend, etc.. He passed away in 2000 from a heart attack. Too bad!

Maniratnam's Guru was okay, but not a 'masterpiece' as touted.

mommyof2 said...

that reminnd me of a dying pigeon infront og our house.. I called police & fire dept (on the same block) but they didn't know what to do.. One guy said " say a little prayer & tomorrow the garbage guy will take him:-(. A & I couldn't sleep that night thinking someone dying & not able to do anything. We gave water & all to him but..