December 26, 2006

This Christmas

Hope all of you had as good a Christmas as we did.
Our building had a show by the children - they staged the birth of Christ and ended with jingles sung with gusto if not in tune Will post the pics shortly of Anush as the audience.

We went to Annalakshmi for a South Indian special - not Preeti Bhojan but a buffet. That took away half the fun, though I still got to talk to interesting volunteer waiters- one of them a pediatrician. Anush was dressed in the Kochi dress- a tribute to Malayalee Christians. And as for Christmas bubbly- she attacked my " paanagam" which was pretty high on ginger, even for me. Speaking of buffets, I feel only teenage boys can do justice to them. Also I like the idea of service at a restaurant and that too one of this kind.
Anush was mesmerized by many Christmas trees- a gorgeous one at the Taj airport lounge, a massive one in Ascendas ( where we went for coffee), the one in Annalakshmi and at the church near home( rather lack lusture the last one was). Oh yes, she kept saying "hahaha" instead of "hohoho" to the Santa in the Airport Lounge.
Anush's thaatha had come over from Mumbai. So the most used word was- Thaatha. He had got her a CD called" Out of Africa" from his trip there and a cute khaki safari dress with a zebra soft toy on it- rather big for her at the moment. Will save it for Kabini maybe later next year.
If there is something she outgrows it is shoes- got her a pair of blue sandals yesterday, velcro types. Size 7. At age 16 months. She has big feet already, like her amma. Oh the shortfalls of being tall!

Lest I forget, got her a Christmas gift- a Mrs. Potato Head . She is delighted by it.


The Visitor said...

Hi Art,

Nice pic of Anush Mol. :) Though I was expecting a Santa. :(

itchingtowrite said...

hey a real fun christmas anush had!!

Hip Grandma said...

A happy New Year to anush and her parents

artnavy said...

Thanks all- will post teh other pics a little later

Sanjay said...

Glad you had fun. Anushka is a real cutie!

Something to Say said...

Looks like you guys had a merry Christmas!
o yeah shoes! we've just set aside a pair that sonny has out-grown - in 3 months - no less :(

Orchid said...

I totally agree with the "only teenage boys can do justice to buffets" comment.

Looks like y'all had fun...go girl!

artnavy said...

thanks all- have posted the photos you wanted to see

mommyof2 said...

hey I got Mr. Potato head for my kids too.. same pinch;-)

artnavy said...

They really enjoy it dont they?

I got a Mrs - I had a MR P when I was little- so much for variety

did u check out the link?