December 22, 2006

Last Christmas

A lovely, mushy song from George Michael-with his sexy voice and Greek God looks ( those days)- I used to be a huge fan . And a huger fan of Wham.

Even had a poster of them in my room as I grew up. (They had Boris Becker and Gabriela Sabatini for company.)

This pic is Anushka - Last Christmas.
Wow- she was a bald one. When I took her out for a walk, the FAQs from others would be" Ladka hai? ( Is it a boy?)" or " Itni jaldi mundan kar diya?" ( have you shaved her hair off )
Last Christmas and This One
She was moving on her stomach and trying to crawl. Now she runs all over the house, sometimes out of the house as well and yesterday tried to match a jig.
She was gurgling and cooing and beginning to laugh and now she screams for fun and has added more words to her vocabulary. (latest being "lunch"- said with no specific meaning though)
She wore her first "baba suit" . We are believers of minimal clothing for kids. The weather here and in Mumbai more than supports that. Anyway, she never entertained being wrapped up, after her first week. This year I hope to dress her up as Santa (for my pleasure) since she will never ever permit me to do it ever again.
I had decorated the plant at home in Mumbai. I do not have any plants here in Chennai. Anyway the building society is hosting a Christmas party for the kids- that should be fun.
Her appa was in Chennai, not with us. Navy will be there this time.
Merry Christmas Anushka! And all of you out there.


itchingtowrite said...

merry christmas!!
cute pic
she gets comments of ladka hai and mine get comments of whether the girl is elder or the boy

Sanjay said...

Merry Christmas to ya'll. Anushka is a lovely name and she is a real cutie!
Loved the ad lib post too. I know some of them esp Amul.


Inder said...

anu 'rip-off' malik was 'inspired' by 'last christmas' and went on to make 'dil mera churaya kyon' :P :P

merry christmas!!!

Aqua said...

aaah those wham and boy george and bangles and cyndie lauper days! i used to be a big fan of 'New kids on the block'...wonder where they've disappeared now!

merry xmas to all of you!

Something to Say said...

Hey Merry Christmas to you Anush and navy too!!!

How do we know said...

Cho Chweet!! And what will she be doing next Christmas?! :-) makes me smile, just thinking of it!

KK said...

Merry Christmas!! Cute pic :)

Hip Grandma said...

merry X mas to anush and both of you!!

The Visitor said...

Hi arty - Wishing you, Navy and Anushka a Merry Christmas. :)

Usha said...

Mewrry xmas - waiting for pictures of santushka!

my life.... said...

Meery X mas and happy new year gal :)

artnavy said...

thanks all and wish u all a great 2007

mommyof2 said...

awww so cute:-) I love looking at baby pics..

Happy new year to u & ur family:-)