December 27, 2006

Santa keeps his promise

Two years ago, this day, we had the tsunami hit Chennai and various other places. There was another kind of near devastation that happened closer home. I will never ever forget the anxiety I suffered and created among loved ones. I had discovered my pregnancy a couple of days before Christmas. Post Christmas, I went to office as usual. By noon I found I was spotting. I did not wish to share the news with anyone in office for fear of the implications on my bonus, work load and for this superstition which states do not share it till the first trimester is over. I was pertified. Called Navy, fixed an appointment with the scan doc and went over to see her the same evening straight from work. Then we went with the report to my gynaec. She advised bed rest for a month. I was really worried that my boss would not accommodate the request. He not only approved my leave but was very understanding of my need to not reveal anything at office. So we said I had a severe back problem which required rest. One of the moments I felt the boss deserved a big hug.

Why am I writing this? Because I am reading The Godmother by Carrie Adams. There is an episode where a couple, after trying for almost a decade, get pregnant. But she loses her much- longed- for pregnancy in the third month itself. She is so positive that her friend, The Godmother, fears for her and as if Murphy's rule had to apply, Claudia suffers a miscarriage when she is busy preparing the baby's nursery. She is so aggrieved that she keeps saying that she cannot get the "red paint "off her hands. It moved me - what could have been and what is.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

My blogsville profile suddenly states i am 250 years old. Together with being from the year of the rat, this takes the cake- a cheesy one though.If I were to live 250 years what would i be- a pleasure for geriatrics of course.What other things live to be 250 years- turtles, banyan trees? Ran a search for living things with maximum candles on their cakes- Whales and something called a deep-sea cold seep tubeworm live over 2 centuriesOf the fish, the carp and pike are believed to live as long as 150 yearsAmong plants, the bristlecone pine of California has the greatest longevity, over 4,600 years!I will be more than glad to have a life, however short but interesting enough that it extends into memories and memoirs for atleast a century.


itchingtowrite said...

i remember it all so well! thank god that crucial time was over and u have a lovely baby to be proud about

Sanjay said...

Lovely pics of Santushka. I am glad it all worked out well for you.

Tharini said...

U said it. About having a lot to b thankful for. We all have a lot to be thankful for.

Enjoyed reading this post very much. And that's an awesome looking collage.

Something to Say said...

Your Santa rocks!!!
We went thru a similar thing too - and I was in my 5th month then. And it is a really scary feeling.
Luckily for both of us -- alls well that ends well :)

Life Lover said...

i loved the pics. i cant really relate to what you went thru on that day after you got pregnant, i can only imagine it must be frightful. i'm glad its over and you have your bundle of joy!! happy holidays!

Fuzzylogic said...

Your little Santa is adorable!I have not had such a scary experience but I can understand how hard it must have been since I too have a little one and until recently I lived with that same fear in the beginning of the pregnancy.I had a friend who had to go through it and the outcome left her quite devastated.Glad that everything turned out good at the end for you.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

artnavy said...

Thank you all

I wish all of you would read The godmother- there are some interesting thoughts in it which will form my next post

The Visitor said...

Hi - You kept your promise about Santushka. She looks lovely. What presents did she get for you all? And I'm sure you round and throw every day ;)
PS: I am now in hibernate mode on my blog. I reply on the respective person's blogs.

mommyof2 said...

cute pics of Santa;-)

hey I went through same(spotting:-(
so I know the feeling.. Im so glad it worked out great for both of us..

Im gonna look for Godmother book.. thanks for posting.

Orchid said...

I will look for the book too! Your daughter looks adorable. I noticed your blog has a new look too.

artnavy said...

Glad it worked out well for us

For those whom it did not turn oout well, I guess life is too precious not to move

Orchid- do you like the new look? I thought it looked cleaner this way

Usha said...

adorable little santa!I mean Santushka!

Rebus said...

Hmmph; what other things live for 250; nice research; but I guess you forgot the extra load which comes with age; humans were never made for that kind of a thing; made we wonder what if we did; imagine you having a group photo with your great great grand dad smiling with his great great grandson on his lap; while the photographer almost tired of asking everybody to shift a bit more inside to accomodate all ;)