December 18, 2006

Declared Pass!

Our first night without each other was a good one. Anush and me both passed with flying colurs. Also Anush's welcome was a warm one but not a hot one ( no fever as soem mothers had warned me). It just felt like an extra long working day. I am now prepared to travel overnight, if required, on work. One uncanny thing, on the day I left, despiet my being really quiet, she woke up really early, around 5am, as if she sensed I was going to be away longer than usual and wailed for me before she went back to sleep . ( This is not her style- she usually gets up only after 6.30am) A couple of phone calls from the Chennai airport reassured me that she was well.

I enjoyed myself without feeling guilty or anxious. I really let my hair down and danced away into the night. Did some shopping in the really impressive Kochi airport. Got Anush a beautiful Paavadai Chattai made from the Kerala Mundu with gold zari.

I strongly recommend the brand "Delinut" for their cashews ( available in 9 flavours including barbecue!) . The honey and pepper ones are really good. If you like garlic, which I avoid usually, their chilli garlic is the fastest selling they mentioned.

As cashew goes, here is a lovely recipe for a yummy dish:

Methi Malai Kaju Mutter ( Fenugreek cream cashew peas)

Fresh Methi( Fenugreek) leaves bunch - 1-2
Fresh Peas- one cup
Roasted/Fried Cashews/ Kaju-15-20

Onion chopped fine- 1
Green Chillies- 3
Cloves, Peppercorns- a few
Vegetable Oil/ Ghee combination ( 2:1 spoons)

Half cup of milk
Malai- milk cream- 2 tbspoons
1 spoon of sugar
Salt to taste

Wash the methi leaves well and place them in a seive with some salt & let is rest for 15 mins. Then squeeze out gently and wash the methi in cold water.

Steam the peas in either your microwave or pressure cook.

Take a kadai/ wok . Fry the peppercorns, green chillies, cloves and onions.
Add in the roughly chopped methi & fry for a while. As it lets off the water and begins to brown, add the cooked peas & milk & steam for few mins.

Add the fried cashews (kaju) & let it simmer a while.
Add salt & sugar.
Cook for a few mins & top it off with the malai/fresh cream

Do not taste , else you will be tempted to finish off the dish yourself! Not kidding.
Serve with rotis or with ghee rice or pulao.


Something to Say said...

congrats to you and Anush on your first solo night!!

NZ said...

well done ! Will try this methi-matar-malai recipe soon as I am planning to include lot of methi since I found out that it lowers blood cholestrol. Thanks for your comment on my post - got me confused for a second there - wondered if there was another artnavy writing a food blog !

artnavy said...

tnx sts and nz

you are welcome nz. hope u love the dish.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The recipe sounds yummy!

Any outfit made out of traditional mundus turns out gorgeous! Am sure your lil one is looking uber-cool. Post her pic :-)

Anonymous said...

you should start a food blog too - with pictures and all. i am yet to try your akki roti, have it saved!

good job, Anush! i bet she too let her hair down and enjoyed, without feeling guilty ;-)

artnavy said...

how did rads also become anonymous?