December 13, 2006

Ad lib Eloquence

Warmest ad
Complan- the boy taking his mom's palm and resting it on his shoulder - on the cycle

Most romantic ad
The Cadbury Girl doing the jig

Sexiest Ad
The ad for the car speakers- with the bunny and the teddy bear in the car- (or is it my dirty mind)

Most Suprising Ad
St Gobain series

Ericson mobile initially

Funniest Ad
The Amul hoardings- they need another award for enduring theme

Cleverest Ad
Fevicol and a lot more

Mocking Ad
Sprite series except the latest ones

Stupid-est Ad
Nirma detergent powder with the saas-bahu scenes
And for the Tamil viewers, Ashwini hair oil ad - it really sucks, they have the most obnoxious endorsements from consumers

Most Offensive ad
Fair and Lovely series

One that gave Goosebumps
VIP Luggage- Kal Bhi Aaj bhi with the father and son

Social ad that left a lump in the throat
The Literacy mission's - "Purab se surya ugaa"

Lost in Translation
The Deo ad using an Octopus to show the efficacy but in Japan an Octupus has 8 LEGS not underarms. Therefore...

Favourite Mnemonic
Gattu of Asian Paints- soem of you may not even know him

Earliest Jingle you recollect
Suno suno aye babujee- Hippolin

Jingle of your teens
Har baat hoti man chaahi- Ponds DF Talc- I actually became superstitious about using Dreamflower talc for success- this fetish lasted a year

Jingle of today
Kya Aap naya Close Up karte hain?

You and I

Favourite kids in Ads
Oh all of them- Britannia - the boy with long hair, Dhaara- Jalebi eating boy, J&J babies
Did not like the Rasna girl of yore

Grooviest Man/ Woman in any ad
K Kapoor as Dream lover - Bombay Dyeing
G gold council ad- Sheetal Mallar

This is a potential tag I have been meaning to start for a long time. You are welcome to take it up if advertising provokes and engages you as much as it does me.


theanalogkid said...

Favourite kids in Ads - How can you miss the girl who comes in the asian paints ad? She is there in a whole lot of them now, whirlpool (with kajol and devgan) and a lot more i dont remember.. very cute

And i also have to mention the de beers ads for all the marketing based on mass delusions of rarity. and stupid ppl believe diamonds are rare. insane.

Life Lover said...

Yep, all lovely ads. I loved the The Literacy mission's - "Purab se surya ugaa". The song was so melodious. Maybe I should google it up and watch it someday :) Also the dhara jalebi wala ad was precious. Thanks for sharing!

NZ said...

Oh, dont know any of these ads but Anush's pics in the previous post are so cute ! Ishita went through that phase too - wonder if its only a girl thing !!

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Do u mean 'One black coffee pls' by the Ericsson Ad?

If I am not wrong, it came as one among the top 10 in top-10 Asian Ads...

The Asian Ad with Kittu and Co with Rahman jingling 'Yaadon Mein , Un baton mein, Jeevan ke Rang badhalte hai" was a very cool one too...

Anonymous said...

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artnavy said...


anusha - yes the one black coffee one

nz- pity u did not ctach these ads- u missed something

analogkid- i htink that kid is akansha in soem ad- really sweet yes

Rohini said...

The little helper pics are so very cute. Ayaan is going through a phase of wanting to help too. The latest is that he will open the cutlery drawer and bring the spoons one by one to the dining table (must have picked up on the maid setting the table) and when the drawer is empty, he take them back one by one and put them away again!

Ardra said...

hi! had not been able to log in for the past many days- saw u'r msg only today- am not sure y u're not able to view my it still the case?
now let me catch up with all the posts that i missed

mommyof2 said...

cool tag.. enjoyed the clever ad link:-)

Has to be me said...

Whoa! Cool one there! Mez never pd so much attn 2 advts! I do watch them but not so attentive!

Ekta said...

woah...thats a cool list..agree with most of the categories!...specially love the amul hoardings!

Usha said...

Romantic ad: Oh yes, the cadbury one.
The thumsup one with Kunal Kapoor is nice too.
I'd like to add a cute ad: the one for Bru where the girl goes :sa sa sa and sugar as she wants to talk to her father about her love.

The earliest jingles I recollect are the radio ads in Tamil:"lifebuoy" (Lifebuoy irukumidam aarogyam irukum idam")and there was one for coca cola on radio in "Inbam ootidum coca cola"

Favorite kids: Also the Pears kid that goes "aapka chela mere liye lucky hai"and the jilebi kid for dhara and the little girl who terrorises Amitabh in Asian Paints and the little boy with Amitabh in Rin white (yellow yellow dirty fellow)

Grooviest man: would have to be Richard Gere for Visa card.

artnavy said...

Oh yes, Lifebuoy and OK saabun are also there on my mind- did any of you take up the tag on your blog?

How do we know said...

Hi Artnavy: Will do this tag in the next post, as soon as its possible. promise!!
And btw... u know what? Ads are more like.. memories of childhood too.. the one i love the most, ever, is Mile Sur Mera Tumhara... its the best ad ever made!