December 01, 2006

Anush Words-worth ( 15.5 months)

Anush has been communicating pretty effectively the last few weeks and here is a recap of only her verbal repertoire.

Hi with varied expressions - for Good morning, Hello, I am sorry and Pay attention to me
Down-Said only to complete the rhyme Ring- a- roses and accompanied by a squat
Paapa- Means herself or anyone in a photograph and 2 specifically smaller dolls
Akka/ Anna- interchangeably used for boys and girls older and younger to her but below 15yrs
Vain-daaaam/ Illa- meaning no
Mummum- depending on tone- Give me food! OR You are eating ? Without me?
Dhudhoo- Milk
Aay- ref "Pooped"
'A' -pul- "Apple" with a vernacular accent
Lensssssssss- Lens
Over- She has had enough/ some gadget has stopped/ power gets cut
Take- for both give and take

Ret- for red
Yeah- When very happy and to complete the song " Konja neram yenna kollai yah"
Kaaka- any bird

Bear- any furry animal
Ca-lock- Clock/ watch

Brroom- car/ bike
The-dhaam- Any veggies with her food. BTW she is interested in eating only the veggies minus the main course.
Dabba- Box/ anything with a lid
Dook- Book
Neigh-na- "Moon"
Baba- As always for any diya/ lamp/ God
Amma, Appa, Jump, Come, Tata bye, Cup & Do for what they mean in adult lingo.


Anonymous said...

:) very very sweet. I hoping to hear some of thoes myself in an another 8 months time

Inder said...

a colleague's kid over here asks, 'wat ish dish' at every new thing she sees :)

Has to be me said...

cho chuveet! Wld love 2 hear her say these!

Anonymous said...

funny how we posted abt the same thing at the same time!
Now what is this about Neigh-na - are you sure she hasn;t picked up chennai lingo? ;)

Something to Say said...

aww..really sweet - I'm waiting for sonny to say words now. You know, the way he babbles, throws his voice - i get the emotion - question, request - but he just hasnt started saying the words yet....waiting, waiting... :)

NZ said...

Sooo sweet ! She has a good vocabulary at this age ( or may be my kids were a bit slow ! ).

Enjoy this cute stage - they grow up so fast :-)


Rohini said...

Wow! Now I know what they mean when they say that girls learn to talk faster and have a larger vocabulary later in life as well. Ayaan's vocabulary is about half of that at 18.5 months.

The Kid said...

You could have posted a bigger picture... :(
I cannot even recognize Anush in such a small thumbnail image.

nice post thought :)

sapna said...

How sweet and utterly entertaining this must be! Enjoy!

the mad momma said...

she sounds adorable and speaks a lot for a 15 month old... bless her... and arent you grateful to have a baby that prefers her veggies to the main course? i would be!!!

phreakv6 said...

vain-daaaaam was funny.. Mummum..
cute. :)

Usha said...

:) delightful!

Anonymous said...

cute :) prolly u should record her voice and post these words :)

Mukund said...

thats really cute :)