November 30, 2006

Three Animal Tales

In the same vein as Panchatantra and Jataka.

While we were on a post lunch walk, I tried explaining the idiom " Hand in the lion's mouth" to a colleague at office. And all because of a couple of stone lions we have on display. Just as I said with great elan" of course this does not refer to stone lions" I yelped. There was a chameleon staring out of the crevice in the stone lion's mouth.
MORAL- Never underestimate a lion, even a stone one.

We were entering the office premises ( in Old Mahabs road- OMR) . The security holds the traffic from the opposite direction, as our massive bus takes the right into our office. So the sign board ( akin to a small TT bat) has "stop" and "proceed" on either side. Only thing today he showed the Red "Stop" to the cattle ambling on the road! Seriously, since when did they learn to read traffic signs?
MORAL- If you want cattle to follow traffic signs, ask yourself first, do I?

Finished Weight Loss- the book- with great difficulty. Read it to know why you should have avoided it.

Have begun The Tender Bar- JR Moehringer - fantastic style and I am sure it is going to be a great read.


Orchid said...

Ha! Ha! tha cows can read traffic signs :)

itchingtowrite said...

off corse they can read -- better than the auto wallahas, bus wallas, taxis . btw how's the headache given by the sweet boss

Anonymous said...

He should have verbally told them to stop MOO-ving.