November 07, 2006

Walk the Talk

Saw a stray pup at the bus stop. It was trotting away by the road side. A very concerned school girl was trying to coax it off the road as there was heavy traffic. She kept on talking to it, guiding and applauding, rather mindless of the traffic herself. I was worried that neither the school kid nor the pup should get hurt.

Anyway when do puppies start to walk? At around 3 weeks? Anush has begun walking confidently- after over 14 months. I feel an unjustified sense of pride- but it is nature which has taught her. There is indeed a lot to learn from nature, for her and for me.

Just back from a trip to Chintamani in Kolar, Karnataka. A little township where Navy did his entire schooling. ( quite unlike mine).

  • The peanuts are uniformly small and shaped & grown with so little fertiliser they taste great
  • The cow's milk is wonderful and the cream you get is almost like butter.
  • There is a perfect eco system with enough eagles and water bodies, a lot of vegetation on a very alluvial red soil
  • Saw so many hens (much to Anush's delight " Buck baa baa" ) How long do hens live? Their life spans from 7-10 years! And 7 weeks if they are factory farmed with a purpose.
  • And yes here is a lesson for Chennai- almost all houses have solar heaters. I guess the government offers some incentive to save electricity.. And which better place than Chennai to harness the sun's intensity.

Met an old friend from the past. I have not missed him for the last seven years. But I cannot describe the warmth I felt the instant I saw him yesterday. More about that in the next post.


Anonymous said...

A simple walk can talk a lot..
We learn through a little journey, every minute, every day ;)

Anonymous said...

u reminded me of my summer vacations. When i was a kid, I would go to my grandma's place in Hassan. Pick mangoes from trees, play in water, thick cow's milk... what not.. hummmm... i miss it

my life.... said...

it always feel so good when u get to meet yr old fren...the feeling is undescribable....anyway, i never, in my life, have experienced village life... but i really want to experience staying in village... i want to drink fresh cow milk... i want to sit in the midst of the paddy field and feel the cool breeze blowing across my face...i didn t know that hens live that long... learnt something from u gal:)

Kalpana said...

It will be really good if we meet our old friends. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable =)

Anonymous said...

Watching the young ones learning to walk is fun to watch :)

Keshi said...

awwwwwwww nostalgic post!


Anonymous said...

i frequent my granma's place a lot when i want to run away from the madding crowd. its always nice to hear the hens, the cows, the crows and the trees as soon as you wake up in the morning. you must have had a gala time what with all this you get to see your kid play and also meet an old friend. bliss. :)

Artnavy said...

yes i am lucky i have people in a calm quiet place far from "the maddening crowd"

but the silence is deafening in the night

Neha said...

Who is Anush???
And why are u called Artnavy?
I have never really experienced the rural life...never really wanted me materialistic or whatever...but somehow that life has never appealed me..

Artnavy said...

Hi Neha
If your read some of my older posts Anush(ka) is my daughter and art & navy are my nick name and my hubby's nick name together

Rural life for a city bred can be unnerving after 2-3 days. It is great as a holiday to recharge.

This place- Chintamani is not a village, as I mentioned it is a township- a trading town with lot of greenery and fields around

Has to be me said...

must've been totally refreshing 4 ya!

Anonymous said... & navy are my nick name and my hubby's nick name

lemme guess... arthi and naveen??

100 points to me?? no????

Artnavy said...

80 points to you

Anonymous said...

if u liked chintamani.. try mangalore sometime.. the beaches there are to die for. and def nothing like the beaches here. :P

Usha said...

When do puppies learn to walk? about the second day after birth!

Artnavy said...

wow- thanks for that info usha

baliga- definitely need to visit many more places in karnataka- have done only a small fraction

Anonymous said...

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