November 08, 2006

Friend revisited

We had two Quant Bonds in our PG class- N and Navy. They ensured that we all at least made C and did not flunk. While Navy was patient, N would lose his cool if you did not grasp fast enough and would often say" Obviously" in a very derogatory tone. How I hated him for it.

This monster would go all liquid when he saw a particularly pretty senior go by and exclaim " oh man she looks ready to crumble" He is one person who leched and openly so but you still didn't feel annoyed with him. And a little jig and a whacky dance step could have him in SPLITS.

Navy and N were comrades in Telugu speaking and of course in cricket- be it playing or watching it on our canteen TV. Not to forget in indulging the senses- with smoke and liquids. Being the only goody two shoes in the group, I was the alarm clock that woke them up to the morning class and got them off their butts into the city for golgappas and movies. I was also the stockist of snacks and sweets.

My name is among the commonest of Indian girl's names, next only to Pooja, Priya and Lakshmi. My nickname varied between Asquare and Art. N came up with "Artful Dodger" Only he called me that. (Yours truly adapted it for her blog title, recently.)

N would often be caught when there was a "family feud" as he referred to our ( Navy & I) squabbles. But he endured it and never took sides. A smart man.

His vocabulary rubbed off on us- " mickey mouse " projects for the kind you impart a lot of undue importance and "pl quit using a bulldozer to raze a mole hill" - meaning do not use fancy words/ contrived models/ jargon.

N was among the few to make a six figure stipend during summer training and ironically, also among the last to get finally placed.

He was also the only one to cut a toe on a scooter ride in Ahmedabad. Must have hurt him bad but he bore it well.

We had not been in touch for over 7 years. Could not attend his wedding either.
When we met a couple of days back, we did not speak about the weather, we did not spend time reproaching each other for not maintaining contact.

Time had served him well. He is patient enough to have taken care of his 15 month baby by himself for over 3 days.
Viva N ! May you and your kin flourish.

"A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget."
I guess there is some truth in these over abused quotes.


geetha said...

He must have been a good friend. Glad you met him after so many years :)

Inder said...

meeting friends, particularly the long lost ones is always fun :)

apu said...

everything else was very nice, BUT, "He is patient enough to have taken care of his 15 month baby by himself for over 3 days." - my feminist antennae came out at this one. Not sure you would give yourself that much credit, for handling Anush alone, if Navy was travelling...(Or, would you :))

artnavy said...

Apu- It is not with ref to his being a man. It is in the context of his being impatient (as in the quant class)

And yes both Navy and I will applaud myself if I handled Anush for 3 days alone :-)

Did u read the one called" what lies beneath"

Mumbai Guy said...

Geetha or Jaya? ;)

Next month, I am going to meet my best friend after 10 years, in time for his wedding. Very exited about that.

artnavy said...

Neither Geetha nor Jaya- if u r guessing my name

have a cool time with your friend(s)

R.E.B.E.L said...

aarthi?????? and where d ya study???

Sush said...

very true.. some times you dont actually miss a person but when you meet him/her that feeling is really great.. I understand you must have been great friends..

Anonymous said...

some people leave such a mark in your life and you are never the same ever

artnavy said...

yes REBEl and I studied at MICA

yes Sush- to say we were like the gang in friends would be an understatement

Neha said...

Then....mmmmmmmm...neha!!!like ma damn common...
hey u and navy studied together, fell in love and married? thats like a really nice fairy tale...but a real one... :)
good good

Anonymous said...

damn nostalgic aldready :P its with very few frends that u have such a level of comfort where the weather is NOT topic of conversation.

The Kid said...

came here after a long time. you have written quite a bit since deepavali.

btw, I was quite surprised that you married an iyengar. because your daughter (though reeeealy cute) does not have the iyengar's "dheerkamana" nose. hmmm, she must have inherited these features from you, I guess.

anyway, you can always this logic if you get into a iyet/iyengar fight ;)

itchingtowrite said...

good one. quite nostalgic posts the last few ones.. good friends can always start from where they left

Twisted DNA said...

These days whenever I meet an old friend, it's a disappointment because we both would've changed so much. We would find out that we got nothing in common. Fortunately, I am in touch with all the friends I really cherish and still love them.

I am glad that you were able relive your old days with this friend!

artnavy said...

hi kid- long time- no i have a more iyengar nose than my hubby!! laugh out loud

ansuh has only my eyes.

yes - TDNA- i was apprehensive but i need not have been so

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I had not heard the name Aarthi before. Of course all I've had to go on are the movies where every one is Priya or Pooja.

Mal said...

hmmm, the leching openly part is interesting :) I didn't know that!