October 27, 2006

A problem of plenty

Of food & all other things that excited me the last couple of days

The festivities continue- at least in terms of eating- much against my wishes. Given the visit to Mumbai, I had to take a break from the gym. Attended a wedding last evening and unusually the food turned out great. In particular the masala vadai and the paal payasam. Today we had Pizza and cake at office- Boss's bday- how could I refuse?
Till recently handles & tyres were on bikes and suddenly they are my body parts.

There is this uncle in my building who suffers from verbal diahorrea. He does not know when to stop. He just got his son married. We appreciated the bride on her looks. He says" We gave her that sari, it is five thousand rupees you know. A designer sari from XYZ on GN Chetty road." Aunty says, " Yes pretty but she is a little dark, no?." I wanted to say " Not as though you or your son are too fair " Then she says " I am going to be a modern mother in law. I want to buy her jeans and t shirt and make her wear what I did not."
Modern or old fashioned, here is one sweet sour relationship in the making.

The time capsule ( courtesy yahoo and usha) triggered a recollection. Goddess Charani Devi. Time was wreaking havoc and had to be controlled. This goddess swallowed Time( past future an dteh present) but then things would stay in limbo. Letting only the Present out and keeping vigil over Time, was what the Devas requested this Devi to do. A long and lonely pursuit- but not without love.
Shiva held her, symbolic of a timeless union.

Anush points at her belly button when asked and says "dhudhu" instead of "dhondee"
I got to use the little mojris with colourful sequins for her
She allowed herself to be carried by relatively less familiar people and was friendly
Growing up baby

Today is the final of Jhalak Dhiklaa jaa- I know Shweta is the better dancer but I am rooting for Mona- she is just so sweet. I used to root for Hemchandra and Himani on the Sa Re Ga Ma challenge but some idiot won instead. At least here, I am ok with the final two.
Am sure Shweta should/ will win.

Navy told me I looked lovely in my pink chiffon sari and the new hair cut. Without my asking how I looked.


By Deepa and Supriya said...

I get your pain....regarding the tyres, I mean.
On the second one...i think the MIL-DIl relationship is universally nothing more than one of mutual tolerance, so.....

B o o said...

Hey Mona won!! Actually I was rooting for Mona too and when they announced the winner, I was sure it was going to be Mona. But after the anouncement, I felt Shveta should have won, she was indeed the better dancer! But then I did nt vote so I should shut up! ;)

apu said...

you got a new hair cut ! Mail pics please !!

Cloudy Musings said...

I mostly felt that shveta was this great dancer - pretty & cool. The way she did that dancing. I drool over that, especially on the golmaal sng performance. She was awesome. BUT, as boo said, since i did not vote, i think i should shut up! :-)

plz send me pics of ur new haircut;-) n if possible, pics of u in the "pink chiffon sari" too!

Itchingtowrite said...

hey ur style of writing has changed.. liked it...
and i am sad i missed an opporunity to create more tyres around me. I got the invite too from now-ex-boss!! didn't want to pass up the opportunity but ...

Artnavy said...

I think it is great that Mona won but the more deserving one was of course Shweta. Felt the choreos shld have got a standing ovation.
Let us see what happens in the other one with Bhaktiar being the best but that Dev Anand look alike being the more amateur natural dancer

Has my style changed- unaware ...maybe hasty writing?

Anonymous said...

Navy told me I looked lovely in my pink chiffon sari and the new hair cut. Without my asking how I looked.

Why would that be a problem of plenty? that should be an exhilaration of plenty.
Navy, u ought to cut down on unsolicited compliments... heheh..(hey, just kidding)

Ashish Agarwal said...

Mona won, and it was okay. I do not see her too much on TV nowadays, so wondering whether she is gainfully employed ?
Diwali time is a good time to make time to meet people, but the sweets leave you wondering for ages about repentance for all the gain. This time was no difference.

Artnavy said...

Hi ashish- welcome here. do visit again. Now wondering who won Litle champs- the power got cut exactly at 11pm last night

Appu- Problem of plenty is for the numerous things i wanted to post about ...but still LOL

Anonymous said...

photos please. I wanna see the pretty lady in the pink chiffon sari and new haircut too :)