October 26, 2006

Naa ready, Neenga ready-aa?

After that weary tale of the tailor , here is a ready (made) smile.

Have you noticed how one of a couple, will always be ready faster than the other? I do not know why, but never have I seen husband and wife get ready equally fast or slow.

In my case I am the quick one. I do not need more than 10 minutes to get ready( inclusive of a bath). Navy needs at least thrice that time.

It is more or less the same with my ILs and the reverse with my Amma and Appa. As for my friends I have, the trend continues.

Imagine at your wedding- if one has to keep waiting for the other to turn up- cannot but wonder if there will be a re run of the Runaway Bride ( groom).

When you do not have a kid, the faster one will be pacing up and down ( convinced that it is exercise) or settle down with a book and finish a chapter or two. Or even catch a few minutes of a match or a serial.

Post kid, your virtue of getting ready early means you have the pleasure of/are saddled with getting the kiddo ready as well. Great if she is awake and ready to go "Ta taaaaa". Not so good if you have a sari on and need to get her dressed up when she is rather sleepy/ cranky and the AC decides it needs a break.

Do you agree?

On the Mumbai trip, saw a couple of interesting shop boards:
One said " TV, A/C, Freeze repair undertaken"
Another said "FUNiture 4 Kids"
" Sandwitch " available
And of course was asked" Baba hai ki baby?" ( For those of you who are unfamiliar, Baba is baby boy and baby is baby girl. )


Usha said...

Yes I have heard of similar complaints but usually from the men although in my house too I am the one who is ready before the man even bothers to look up from his paper and then starts to get ready.

Anonymous said...

:)) M gets ready faster than me. i just love the shower.

Inder said...

10 minutes to get ready!? that is real quick. i take 10 minutes to brush my teeth till my mom shouts at me to stop polishing my teeth :D

Varsha said...

10 mins?? have you ever stayed at a hostel...where else will you pick up such speed??

Artnavy said...

yes i stayed at hostel- the same one as navy
he must have been the last to go in and me the first- that explains the diff ? :-)

Anonymous said...

In our case, both of us compete for the slow-poke title. We take turns losing.

ps: you've got me humming that 'naa ready neenga ready-a' tune over and over again!! Which movie is that from, darnit!

starry said...

Interesting post. love the pictures of the children, so colorful and pretty. In our house I am the fast one.I think most moms will dress the kids first but on some occasions I wished I had not, because Ibefore I was done I had to redress them again.

Itchingtowrite said...

i am the faster one.. funny today itself I was complaining abt this to FIL when hubby asked me to get ready in 5 minutes anyway I hav learnt the trick- i give him the choice of either getting ready 1st or get the babies ready & u know what he chooses

Noodlehead said...

hmm, funny you should mention the hostel. my husband's a hostelite too and he too gets ready 10 mins flat (including a bath)...on the other hand, i take a decent amount of time grin well, here's a good reason to send your child to a hostel! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, she looks awesome cute.

Hip Grandma said...

Baby looks cute.BTW what do I tell Uppali's mom?