December 16, 2011

Parenting tale

Being a mom teaches me so many things. I am not always sure what I have learnt but I still feel a bit more grown up/ wiser at the end of it.

I was pretty good at reciting poems in my school days. Both memorising and the drama and pauses that come with it. Anush had a poem to memorise and recite a couple of days back at school.

She memorises pretty quick but the rhythm and intonation seemed too sing song/ nursery rhyme like to me.

I kept pushing her to do better and then after a point she declared that she did not want to recite the poem at all, ever.

I did not debate it and was mortified. I tried and distracted her completely successfully after that.

The next morning I just suggested that she enjoy and feel what she is reciting and have fun with it ( yes, I can be pretty persistent) but then I laid off after that.


Here is an Inetrnational Film Fest at our doorstep....hope i can see some at least.

Anush spontaneously recited the poem as we sat there drinking coffee, once again as Navy woke up, yet again as we waited for her bus and did it with such aplomb !

But yes, it is as important to back off as it is to guide.

These are growing young ladies we are talking about, after all!


Deepa said...

Very true ! My son attends a tamil class on weekends and learned pretty easily the uyir ezhuthu. But his O and Oh were not that perfect and I was stressing that in our limited practice sessions..when he had a dictation at class, he omitted all 3 letters that involve "O" and scored 10/13 !!! but that taught me a very valuable lesson...

Unknown said...

ahhh.. the backing off part is tough.
Lil P can get unreasonably stubborn at times too.