December 19, 2011

Joyous Weekend

We were at the cake exibition - some were really not upto the mark- only to the cynical adult eye in the family- eg. the Metro train set while some of the wedding and fair theme cakes were lovely and delicate. The main piece was the Gol Gumbus which was large and imposing but seemed to be missing some minar tops which we saw lying on the side.

We visited the Leela Palace hotel and Anush was enthralled by the Christmas tree, and less so by the gingerbread house.

We were at Chintamani for Sports day at Navy's school and watched the Asia champ in yoga, a class 10 student, perform some really complex yogasanas. Aditi entertained all unexpectedly by trying to mime the drills and exercises.

And if all that was not enough, we also enjoyed ourselves at the Carnival in a friend's apartment.

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sandhya said...

It was good to have you all over for the carnival. You left behind Santa's gifts, though! Was hoping you'd be around for longer.