July 14, 2011

Chennai Girls

Apart from a good review meeting at Chennai, I also managed a rather brief blogger meet with some old friends. (I realised they are more friends than just fellow bloggers now. )

Lavs, Mnamma, Uma, Apu thanks for making it. P- maybe next time.

Revisited Toysdayout. It has tranformed into a large play place and is done up pretty well. Their collection of toys/ books has also increased. A good place indeed.

Hope all the people I know in Mumbai are safe. So far no bad news.


VJ said...

I want a chennai meet too !!
its actually a year since we met !!

Artnavy said...


VJ - when will i make my trip down under?? i told navy to scatter my ashes there in case i die before i do so :-)

VJ said...

Make that trip soon ... More than happy to host u !
How about this December?

H said...

Yes as VJ says, make that trip soon Art. You don't have to worry about accommodation...so plan your trip and visit down under :)