July 11, 2011

Genius makers

Had Aditi's first PTA- luckily they did not tell us to take the lovable monster home!! :-)

Her teacher says she has settled in well, made friends and enjoys herself. Very participative and also physically quick for her age. We know the last bit pretty well.

Was very amused to see parents all serious and expecting their wee little kids to become near geniuses and 'learn' at a playschool.

Our idea was for Aditi to have fun and socialise. And for those at home to get a much needed break from her entertaining but taxing ways. And if she happens to learn something more, so be it.

Why and when did being a normal kid go out of style?


The girls had a surprise weekend trip to Chintamani which was thoroughly enjoyed by them and us. Anush had a first hand feel of the veenai. Now she wants to learn the veena!!


The Strand sale is back, Ruskin Bond's plays are being staged in schools on request


Off to Chennai the next couple of days. See you later.


Anonymous said...
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Mama - Mia said...

honestly! even when we sent Cub to play school it was purely to get him some time with other kids! anything learnt was just sheer bonus!

and Veena eh?! how young can one start, just outta curiosity?