April 06, 2011

Save a Smile

I bumped into a parent and doctor on the flight recently who said "Let kids get a lot of touch at home from their parents. Daily. Especially from the parent of the opposite sex. Even mock wrestling, cuddling, whatever. Only then will you empower them and they can instinctively tell when it is good or bad touch." This I think is wonderful advice.

On the other hand, though maybe not that often, one hears of parents/ siblings/ grandparents being abusive. If that is the case, God forbid, your child is likely to sense it.

Do listen to what he/ she has to say. He has no one else to turn to.

Do not dismiss it though you may want to. Do not judge them. There is no room for embarrassment/ denial.

You are not the victim. They are. Please save their smile.

It is Child Sexual Abuse awareness month this April in the blogworld. Initiated by two well known and committed bloggers, Monika and Kiran, this has spread to include a lot many contributors.

I would like to link back to these two posts of mine as part of this initiative. I can only say better safe than sorry and it is never too early.


Shilpa Garg said...

Indeed a wonderful advice. Children are very perceptive and with this, they'd be able to differentiate between the good touch and the bad touch!
Yes, We MUST save their smile!!

Mama - Mia said...

hugs have multiples uses, eh?! wonderful advice indeed! :)

d said...

i heard the opposite advice once (i did not agree with it of course) in a public forum, by a well known person in the children's education / parenting field.
she said - fathers, do not touch your daughters too much because they may get used to being touched by an adult of the opposite sex and therefore it may not feel 'wrong' to them if it is done by someone else.
i did not entirely agree, but do you think there might be some merit in what she is saying?

Artnavy said...

D- hmmmm....I think the diff is in the manner and intent of the touch....kids can pick up on it is what I think

but if who you heard was an expert well....

starry eyed said...

I loved this advice Art. It makes total sense, and kids need hugs and cuddles and loving laps as much as they need protection from perverts.

@d: Just because somebody is a so-called expert, does not mean they are always right. Daughters need their father's love and hugs, always appropriate, of course. And the same for sons and their mothers.

UmaS said...

Thats wonderful advice and so apt too.... thanks for sharing it.

Team CSAAM said...

Beautifully put, thanks Art.

dipali said...

Kids need cuddles and petting-so do adults:) A loving cuddle is such an enhancer to the spirit. Good touch must certainly be encouraged, at least within the immediate family.