April 22, 2014

If I Had a Million Onions...

Here is a collection of poems, some silly and some serious but almost all engaging , by Sheree Fitch, from Tradewind books.

They are inventive and creative and clever and while most seem to be fun, there are a few profound serious ones hidden in these 25 or so poems.

We enjoyed A million onions and thought of more possibilities of what we would do with a million onions...

'Sometimes' was simple and intense at the same time.

We really loved Beggs and Acon and  again it provoked the kids to come up with their own.

Anush  had 'complicated' fun just trying to read the long  concrete poem with its twists and turns.

A prayer moved me- an elegantly simple way of expressing what all a mother wishes for her children.

Yayo's illustrations open with a traffic signal on foot! Whimsical and minimalistic , the pencil sketches match with the poems, never distracting.

* This was a review copy we got

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