September 26, 2013

The Rainbow Peppa Theme party

Two months ago
Amma- Adi Peppa is so boring
Adi- No Amma, she is so much fun

Two days before the party
Adi -" Amma Peppa is so boring"
Amma- " No adi, Peppa is wonderful, so fun"

Had identified the theme a long while ago as half the year had been devoted to Peppa.
But since all guests may not be familiar with the piggy, I decided to club it with rainbow colours.
And that made for very interesting decor and a fun party.

Satin ribbon toran,  paper flowers, balloons, crepe ribbons, rainbow stripes name bunting............

Melon balls, corn pomegranate salad, colourful fryums, veggie pasta, smileys, multi colour chocolates, jellies and candies, a ranbow cake, ice cream with colour sprinkles
 Tissue roll piggy bank, Rangoli, Tailing the pig, passing the parcel, photo op with Peppa and George cutouts

The favours- a CD with Adi's voice and favourite songs, a piggy magnet , a rainbow bracelet, piggy clips
All in all a FUN party!! Hrrr Hrr as Peppa would grunt her approval.


Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday Aditi...


The Inquisitive Akka said...

Discovered Peppa just recently in British Council and LURVE her and her little bro:) The party seemed lovely!