September 30, 2013

Rum pum pum with Ranganna

Ranganna was at:
Bookalore at the Bangalore Literature Fest
Mumbai- At Kitab Khana with Kavita and Rakhee
Chennai- At Pappadum with Praba
Pune- With Sunita at The Little Quirkshop

Thanks so much ladies.

Was so reassuring/ humbling/ encouraging to see such good responses:
A couple of senior citizens at BLF-  We loved your narration. Will pick up copies for all our grand kids.

A little girl- Aunty, Ranganna is my favourite elephant!

A person who bought the book after the session -You and Ranganna are such a hit already at home!

And Anjana of AV- Thanks Arthi Anand for always enriching the kids of Anand Vidyalaya's lives and adding so much value.Congratulations once again.I loved the session,you are just such an engaging and soooooper story teller!Look forward to many more books in times to come.

Thanks all!! Go here for more pics

HYDERABAD and DELHI-  Ranganna doooor nahin!
Coming in October to your cities.


Anonymous said...


Finally getting to see u in person after started reading your blog for the last 6 years!!!!

congrats on the new book...

Sujatha Ramesh

Artnavy said...


You can see a lot of me at my other space-