August 06, 2013

Shopping Online

I am a bit wary about using my credit card online and dislike random offers that they keep flagging, on the cellphone. I do not like going to malls and am a creature of habit when it comes to shopping. I still shop in Mumbai for some specifics and in Chennai for some others, despite having been in B'lore for over 3 years now.

Of course, I use Flipkart now and then and order online from some publishers.But only books.

In the last few months I have mustered courage and ordered via FB contacts and have been pleased- Tota Myna, Petals, Urban ladder....Now it was time for me to try Jabong.

Went to where else, the kids section- very well organised and easy to search. The array of stuff is also pretty good. Speed was not a problem and the info needed was simple. Just like that, the transaction was through.

Of course, I began small since I had no past experience with them.
The service was non intrusive, with regular updates on sms and they even delivered earlier than the committed date. The cushion covers I ordered were precisely like the picture and  the girls love them.

While it may take me a while to orders clothes online, I think for home decor and accessories this may be a good, comfy and reliable option.

Tell me some of your favourite online shopping destinations?


Anonymous said...

Go for and if you are looking for furniture try pepper fry which I assume a close competitor to UB that you have mentioned. also try Yepme for mens category.

Swapna said...

I love the dress that the girl in the header pic is wearing...
What an idea.
Lets put it to use Art - what says?

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Love your blog! Our team at Growl Media are working on some early learning Hindi/English Apps and would love for you to review it. I tried emailing you but it bounced back. Where can I send you the promo code?

kebhari said...

What a wonderful drawing........

Anonymous said...

My favorite topic :) both the husband and I r big fans of online shopping ... We shop for everything online ... Sometimes even groceries, batteries :) don't want to spend time in malls with an active toddler
Highlights of online shopping
- you get to see all the inventory unlike in store only
- returns if u don't like
- read reviews

We r in the USA ... I know the size of all my favorite brands in India and USA ...

In India I use the following sites
Of course as you said flipkart for books

Shoppers stop for clothes and accessories
Myntra for everything was amazing for hand made accessories and home decor ... Unfortunately they got bought by another company and no longer has earlier sellers ... You just have to checkout their Facebook page too see what amazing stuff they had
Jabong has good stuff too
Indie bazaar has home decor stuff ...

Enjoy online shopping :)

Anonymous said...

amazon is the best shopping site ever. only if india opens up and permits amazon in a full mode. have you considered moving to USA full time. Your kids will enjoy it in US

Vidooshak said...

Our first experience with Jabong was quite a dud; they didn't seem to have any interest in selling the product and it was a pain getting any updates from them. The only positive aspect was that since the goods were delivered damaged, they took it back and issued a prompt refund.

I like how that last comment went from Amazon being a good online retailer, to suggesting you move to US fulltime. The most compelling reason to relocate: get to use Amazon! Wow :-)