August 12, 2013

Anushka's Eighth

Anushka had a spy/ agent bday this time and what fun we had!!

Lower number of invitees kept it manageable despite having multiple games and activities

The colour code was red and black

The menu included bread rolls, nachos with bakes beans, corn - veggie salad canopies and red velvet cake.

The entry included a hand scan and an ID creation with names by lots of adjective and noun combos.

The activities offered scope for cartwheels, mental and physical. The games included I spy, observation, blind man, 20 questions, decoding,disguise, cryptic clues, art hunt, limbo under laser beams and even smell a rat!

The decor was simply red with flowers, balloons, paper hangings, red table cloth and yellow caution tape
The only decor highlight was the photo backdrop with sound effects paper against which the kids took snaps. The goody bag had  a magnifying glass, a funglass, a glitter pen, couple of  scooby wires and a chocopie. They were packed in brown bags labelled Top Secret.

My dear Anushka- Love you baby and hope you had a cool party befitting the super cool agent that you will be one day if that stays your dream!


Bubble Catcher said...

Happy Birthday Anush. Looks like you had a fun filled Bday party.
Arthi-very innovative theme.
the games sound so interesting

Anonymous said...

we have seen Anushka grow to a beautiful, intelligent girl through this blog Art!

Advanced Happy Birthday.. I know its early.. its aug 16th right?
Sujatha Ramesh

Vidooshak said...

We are so copying this next year. Love it!!

Harini said...

Such a cool theme, Art :-) I wish i had had a birthday party like this when i was younger!

Kavs said...

Looks like a lovely party! You put great thought in there. :) happy bday lil Anushka! Yeah, like the commenter said above, we have seen her grow into this beautiful, confident young girl. I still remember reading about the toddler updates...:(

Antara said...

Happy Birthday,Anushka!And Congratulations to you Arthi!This looks like one fun party..