November 20, 2012

Lake Chilika

Went on a boat ride which started off great and then turned too long. Chilika is a HUGE and lovely, clean lake with a lot of bird life.

There is an oyster shell breaking and a quest for pearls that fisher folk let you buy as well.

The Dolphin sighting is a bit of a sham. At Sai Visharam ( Bayndur) we had seen more of the dolphins and also very easily so.

At Chilika. you only see fins and tail and never the full animal. And you have to be lucky to even catch those small glimpses. Well we were five times lucky by that logic.

We also got to see where Chilika meets the sea. Nice.  Found some mangroves as well like a small Pichavaram.
November is only the onset of the bird season. So we got to see Siberian cranes and some other interesting looking birds whose names we did not know.

Do a smaller ride would be my suggestion unless the bird season in full swing. ( End Dec to Jan)

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Sumana said...

Ahh Chilka lake, as soon as i saw your post, i thought i read it somewhere. In my daughter's English text book and there you are writing about it. Nice to see the pics of the kids.Looks to be like the Ranganthittu at one time.