November 19, 2012

Childrens Day

At Atta Galatta I had a fun session with a good crowd of kids and parents. Used a mix of props and styles including Rajasthani puppets and song, dance and mime.

Did twists and versions of familiar tales- Lion and the Mouse, The Talkative Tortoise, a groom for Roopmati, Gajapati Kulapati and The not so hungry caterpillar.

Completely enjoyed myself. Hope this will be  a new beginning - in terms of story telling that is commercially rewarding as well!!


We attended ACT's  ( Ashwini Trust) Annual Day. The kids put up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Lovely. Aditi also watched it, completely engrossed.


In Atta Galatta, Sankara Eye Hospital and Sightsavers had put up an inspiring Photo Exhibition by kids who have early lost/ suffer from poor vision. Great pics.

Also makes me want to gift Anush our old Olympus and see what she comes up with. She loves clicking pixs anyway.


IBH said...

Art, I LOVE their dresses...

AA_Mom said...

Very nice header