September 24, 2012

Star Celebrations

Hosted a fun birthday party for Aditi on her Star Third Birthday. She likes butterflies and The Hungry Caterpillar. So that was the theme. Some pics here.

THE FOOD: Fried mini idlis, pasta, fruit salad, animal bikkies, donut twisties, ragi worm like murukku, laddoo snail, oreo caterpillar, etc

THE PUPPET SHOW BY AKKA: Anush really enchanted and engaged Aditi with this tale- The Not So Hungry Caterpillar

THE ACTIVITIES: home made clay caterpillars, beading worms, collage making, butterfly origami with pipe cleaners, tent, a wonderful butterfly catcher called Elefun from Shruti aunty

WITH HER FAVOURITE GUESTS: her cousin and her buddy ( though she meets him once a qtr)

THE DECOR: all the toys in the house, jigsaw and tent included, that went with the theme- caterpillars, lady bugs, butterflies . She refused to wear the party outfit ( above left) and wore an old frock instead.

The goody bag was a frog print- again courtesy S's mom's NGO. We put in Butterfly clips and chains and such like for the girls, some older kids got books and the boys got wooden fridge magnets from Mother Earth.


Had a great Author Meet session with ThinkBox Library - open to kids and parents and a grandma too. Read an account here.


The book and I were featured today in The Hindu Metro Plus.  I would have liked to add on my thanks to my Folks, my teacher JP miss, Nivi at Tulika and the ST gang. Doing so here.


Vimala said...

WOW, pics says it all.
Well done.

sandhya said...

The ST gang is proud of you. And the party was awesome! We had fun.

AA_Mom said...

Happy Birthday Aditi, the celebrations look very grand

R's Mom said...

Ah! Happy wala birthday Aditi...I loved those pictures...LOL on wearing an old frock, these kids come up with the darnest things eh?

Wow you are now on Hindu..isnt that super!!! *Proudly looks*

Loga said...

Very creative !! I admire you a lot !!