September 25, 2012

Dear Adi…Adithree!

My dear spirited, sunny, fun, baby,

My quiet little baby has turned into a not so little girl! And three years old at that.
( This year there were times I wished for the less demanding baby that you once were!)

- You converse so much. All the time, in English and recently in Tamil
- You make up songs when you aren’t talking- your own words set to a familiar tune ( and they make sense)

- You dance and continue to have a great sense of rhythm
- I am amazed at you sense of style and fashion ( your interest in ethnic clothes borders on annoying)
- You are inexplicably shy among some people and suddenly you warm up to them!
- You are a born charmer and you know it
- You are very prone to cold-cough

Your dreams are simple:
Having long hair …like Anushka
Doing all and everything yourself…. Like Anush- you are getting there faster than I expected
Going by scooter ( Don’t want car Appu) with Appa to school.
Wearing salwar kameez and eating ice cream –  DAILY

Your favourite people are Thaathu, Paati, me, Anushka and Appa in that order I guess.
You suddenly come and give a hug or a kiss very spontaneously and we also melt when you laugh and tell us a joke/ incident you make up
You have learnt to share us more willingly with Anush, whom you do not worship but certainly look up to
You believe Thaathu has a special birdie who gets you chocolates daily

You are into books and love Appa’s stories with all the fun he puts into it and my Cauliflower story .

You have taken to your school and seem to enjoy it
Painting and colouring are things you love to do and fuss if you colour outside lines despite us telling you it is okay!
Slowly you seem to developing an interest in jig saws
You have begun watching Dora apart from some Teletubbies programs

The (not so)significant milestones achieved:
You are potty trained fully and you did this transition yourself!
You do not like the occasional diaper I put on when we travel even
You have plenty of teeth.
You handle things very efficiently.

Right now, you mind if we call you anything other than ADITI or Cuppycake. But you will one day learn that no matter what we call you- Adi, Aditu, My Dear, Raakshashi, Kannu kutty, Bonda, Laddoo, Yenna dee, etc etc – we all love you too much and you will always be our one and only cuppycake!



Hema said...

Happy Birthday and many many more to come Aditi kutty! I love the second photo...confident little girl :)

Christo Thomas said...

She's so cute and give my love to her..
Happy Birthday kid.. :)

How do we know said...

awww. such a lovely post!! happy birthday to the lil one..