November 21, 2011

Little Buddha and a Lamb

LB came to town from Chennai this Saturday and we had loads of fun with Lavs, S & S, Poppy, Starry and kids. The hubbies hit it off too.

It is certainly warm and nice to see online friendships turn real and endure as well.

Went for a birthday at Gerry Martin Farm, great fun as expected. The baby lamb, baby rabbits and the duckling were the most delightful. Anush enjoyed some potty humor after witnessing the Emu and donkey and goat do their job in full glory.

We went to a nursery  run by APD that completely delighted us at Jeevan Bhima nagar.The endearing staff also makes giftable items like chimes and paper quilling which are very pretty.

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ashok said...

Coming to ur blog after much to catch up...cheers!