October 03, 2011

A Starry Day

Had a people and fun filled weekend. Celebrated Golu and Aditi's star birthday yesterday with family and a few friends.

The cake followed a Dassera plus birthday theme- hence was festive with buntings and Krishna, Bheem and Chutki which Anushka decided was Aditi since Chutki would have been bigger.

Only downside, both kids have again got cold cough. We will need to recheck with the doc. And so our visits to others' Golus remain pending.

The other S and her kid A visited us from the blogsphere and we had a really good time.


Kalyan said...

Simply beautifully captured shot...lovely!

Anonymous said...

Lovely cakes as always. Would it be too much to ask where you source them in Bangalore ? :-) I simply love their customized designs.

Artnavy said...

Thanks Kalyan

who is this anon?
the cakes are from baking institute at Richmond town- u just need to order online- they are very tasty as well

Anonymous said...

'Anon' is a regular reader of your blog :-) Rohini from Bangalore. Love your blog.