October 01, 2011

Bring in prosperity

In keeping with this year's decision to cover various aspects of Golu here is another set of dolls - Chettiar Bommais- Prosperous elderly couple ( note the man is rather like a Laughing Buddha), we place 5 types of grains in front of them. Not sure what the usual composition of offerings is.

We cherished the visits of all who made it and foremost among them that of S of ST fame and her charming daughter A.


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Sounds interesting and yes, it would be more interesting to know the logic but no matter what, following traditions is fine and fulfilling as long as they are good for the family and bring peace and prosperity to all in the society.

Choxbox said...

Been to 6 golus this year, have 6 more to go to!
One of them from Andhra told us that the prosperous couple are called Subbisetty and Subamma.
And coming your way soon!

Choxbox said...

Oh and we also have a golu - done entirely by the 6-yr old! Of course it is as non-traditional as it can get!

sandhya said...

We had fun, Art! Yours was probably the second golu I have visited in all my years here, and we were enthralled!

Chox, you keep a golu? Now why didn't you say so earlier?

Choxbox said...

S: Correction - *I* don’t keep one. You are invited by the way - not just by me.

sandhya said...

@Chox: :) Will certainly try to make it. With A, of course. You may tell that to the golu-keeper!

Will call.