October 06, 2011

Akshar Abhyasam

We celebrated Saraswati puja yesterday and Anushka was proud to make her mother sing at some of the golus we visited.

Today is Vijayadasmi. A few years back on this occasion, we had Anush's Akshar Abhyasam. Given that the child is interested in writing and the written word, we plan to use the same attire on Aditi this time for her Akshar abhyasam ! ( not to mention I forgot to reserve any new outfit for today)

Aditi speaks a lot like most kids her age. She likes to pretend read and enjoys painting/ messing about. S will recall how she kept asking her to" Aditi read" (meaning Aditi wants to be read to)
Never seen her " write" so far though she loves to doodle.

As if she understood the significance of the event, my MIL found her "writing" something with her finger, on a paper, soon after her playing about in the rice grains.

As usual Anushka's typical question" Why can't Amma teach her to write? Why should only Appa do it?"

Here is to Aditi enjoying writing in future.

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Shankari said...

Hey! that's a co-incidence! We conducted Radhika's aksharabhyasam this Vijayadashami too :)