August 11, 2011

Star of the Day

Anush's Tamil Star Birthday is today, her sixth one. She received a cross word book from her grandparents .

We also gave her a copy of the book that she 'wrote' and illustrated almost a year ago, soon after hr fifth birthday. I am glad, we atleast got it printed in time for her birthday.

Dear Anush
You are our little star and the guiding light for your sister. May you always smile and shine!
And you know what...?


R's Mom said...

Happy Star Sixth Bday Anush :)

Rainmusings said...

Happy 6th star birthday Anush

Lavs said...

happy birthday lil girl:)

Gayatri said...

- Happy Birthday Lil Star :)
- God Bless ya :D

Vidya said...

Happy Birthday to the Star of the day!

Anu said...

Dear Art

Here is wishing dear Anush days of cheers, girly giggles and laughter ahead.

warm wishes