August 12, 2011

Mera Cythle

Kids do start early nowadays. Aditi is indeed fond of her "cythle"

While on it, I love the baby lisp she has- Anush never had any.

For instance, Aditi always uses tta instead of ka- so Anushka is Anushtta and Akka is Atta!!

They celebrated Raksha Bandhan in her playschool and her high point was the laddoooooooooo she got back home.

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Vibha said...

Aditi's 'tt' instead of 'ka' reminded me of Medha's growing up stage when she was 2 yrs old. She used to call Raghav 'Radhav', she could not speak kk and gh sounds at that time and used to sound really cute. We still lovingly call him Radhav sometimes.

Oh! how I miss my little babies. They are big kids.