July 19, 2011

Guilty as Tagged

Uma of Adya fame tagged me on Mommy guilt. She thought I would find it difficult to come up with some!! Uma, I thought you knew me better.

I do not sleep long hours/ in the day even on weekends. Hence I treasure my quota.
I do not watch much TV as per my definition. An hour at night is my usual.
So I like to get the girls to sleep by 10. And I get really cranky if they don't.
Once they sleep, I enjoy my one hour of TV viewing of some inane detective/ mystery serial.


I do not like most chocolates. But I find wafer chocolates irresistible. I feel it is okay for the girls to have the inferior brand since they favour qty over qlty anyway. ( eg. Kit Kat vs Ferraro)

Can I request Boo, Ro and Itchy to do this tag? You need to state 2 instances and tag 3 friends.


Uma said...

1 - "And I get really cranky if they don't (sleep) - LOL!!
and none of the girls have caught you so far?

2. Ok, Kit-kat is what you refer to as inferior brand! I imagined something like the rs.2/- packs in local kiranas...

Swati said...

LOL at the TV thingy :)

Neera said...

I share the same guilts except that its internet time for me instead of tv time :)