July 18, 2011

Aha ! Oho!

Aditi's first attempt at art. She had fun. And I felt it fit right into the Rangeela theme at Artsy Craftsy. So here we go. The youngest member of the Artnavy family!

Spent time with the wonderful R&S family at Rangasankara. Anush managed to attend two story sessions. I was disappointed we missed Vayu Naidu. Till next time then!

Aditi had a haircut - I only let the parlour do it post their assurance that her curls will grow out again- wait and watch now... She certainly looks naughtier with this hair style.


Sri said...

Aditi looks nice with the new haircut!:)

Good that u went to a parlour for it..my daughter's first mottai was done in a temple at Villupuram by some local barber..i wish i could now get her hair cut in a parlour but with a crazy MIL like mine, we have to wait for the next "muhurtham" and go to some temple!

mnamma said...

Ohhhhh I miss the curls!!!! This one gives her an impish look though!!!