June 01, 2011

New beginnings- Day One of School

Anush and Aditi both began school today. Am happy that there were no tears - the teachers also seemed nice. Touchwood.

Dear Aditi

You are the youngest in your group but fit right in. Amma will not be around after a couple of days, though you almost did not come looking for me even today. And I was really proud of the " thank yous" and "please" you used so well with the adults in charge.

Dear Anushka

Contrary to your wondering if you would cry, you only said" I am feeling a bit odd ma" as I left you in class - all dressed up in uniform - a big girl. I am sure you will do well baby. BTW this is your third school you know!?! So you are a pro at this.




Bubble Catcher said...

Aditi has already started school!
Glad that both the girls have settled in.

DC said...

aditi in school?? wow. and all the best to Anush. 3 schools already!

Swati said...

wow..kids grow up really fast ..all the best to both of them

Choxbox said...

aditi in school? she’s just a baby!!

Artnavy said...

hi all
thanks- aditi is 20 months now...more a play school for 2.5 hrs

so i thought too- but she had fun with the kids- not a very taxing sort of school which also offers a creche if need be for the future....

How do we know said...

wow!! Amma.. you are adorable :-)

sandhya said...

All the best to the two little schoolgirls and their mom!