June 02, 2011

Excess Snapping

I have made a resolution. I am not going to print about 200 snaps each quarter.

Will maintain soft copies ( like I did anyway) and choose only about 50-60 to print a year

I think I shld be able to save space, paper and money this way and also learn to make some tough choices. Only Aditi may question me when she grows up and compares why there are fewer pics of her versus Anush!!


Another big milestone today- Anush has begun travelling by School bus both ways- the morning ritual of father daughter bonding during the drive is unfortunately coming to an end.

But I told Anush that she could welcome the sunshine smiles and chatter on the bus with friends and seniors and in a year juniors as well!


Anush lost her second tooth- this time the tooth fairy paid a visit and gave her money to cover both the losses. Anush was so excited and genuinely pleased. Cynicism seems to have vanished!

She also felt she owed the fairy something for her generosity and insisted she leave a 100 for the fairy with a note to Thumbelina who she thinks is the one who is a tooth fairy!!

" Otherwise how could she have so quietly placed the notes under my pillow amma. Even you did not get disturbed by her."


Itchingtowrite said...

put the pics on an external hard drive insetad of cds.

Swati said...

aww she is such a sweetheart

Arundhati said...

:) Loved the last line, innocence that makes oldies and cynics like me smile :)

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Anonymous said...

Good one..

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