June 09, 2011

My dear Appa!

Mr Fix it, Mr Googlemap, Mr Efficiency , Mr Fun, Mr Resourceful
The Complete Man and undoubtedly the best Grandpa in the whole world!!

Happy 60th Appa.


sandhya said...

Do wish your father from me, Art! 60 is indeed a milestone.

Nice header!

R's Mom said...

happy 60th :) loved the description

Choxbox said...

Happy Birthday Uncle!

Bubble Catcher said...

Happy Birthday to your dad

Arundhati said...

Happy Birthday to your dad :)

Unknown said...

:) Happy birthday to ur dad!! :) My dad turned 60 last year.

Artnavy said...

Thanks all of you- will let appa know

Navy surprised him with a camera and the girls made him cards
mom and i got him a watch

Anush also asked him for a return gift!!

r's mom
he is truly inspiring and a very young 60! touchwood

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Sounds really sweet. Birthday wishes to your dad!

Shankari said...

Happy 60th to your dad Art! May he have many many more wonderful birthdays filled with love and laughter.