June 06, 2011

Children of the Mini forest

We got to see this yesterday when we went for Anush's best friend's birthday. The girls had a great time and this mini forest was also a revelation to us.

We went for an eightieth birthday puja of an uncle and met up with C who was a large part of our first couple of years of marriage- lot of old memories and nostalgia there.

Also made it to the book launch at Mother Earth and met the creative gang of Tulika. This must be the first male author I have met from their stable, my feel is they have only a few men penning for them. Hmmmm. An interesting eco treasure hunt, potting a seed and an impromptu meet with some blogger friends also happened.

A fruitful weekend !


Bubble Catcher said...

Glad that you could make it for the event.But I didn't get to meet naughty little Aditi :(

Artnavy said...

drop in home and u will see her in action

all the best to your hubby for more books!