May 06, 2011

Then and Again

This is one of my favourite pavadais of Anush worn by both the girls.

Aditi looks a bit miffed about having to wear hand me downs!

It is from Maharashtra and typically worn as a blouse at least in Mumbai.

This fabric has been used oh so innovatively here..


DC said...

very cute.. and though it doesn't appear in the photo.. Aditi is prolly taller than Anush :-) (at their age).. i love how the pavadai sattai is a little small for her :-)

Artnavy said...

Aditi is taller indeed.

The tops are different.

Chattai is ok - it is her skirt that kept slipping So post photo we removed it.

AA_Mom said...

Yay! My daughters had it too, this Fabric is called KhuN in Marathi.

I remembered this fabric from childhood, after someone gifted the lehengas to my daughter and on my next trip to M got myself a nice blouse and got it stitched too..haven't worn it though :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Very sweet looking pavadais. At one time, these were getting out of fashion but in Kerala, where I come from, there are back in vogue and all girls love wearing them. There is an elegance and timelessness to it.

starry eyed said...

That miffed look on Aditi's face, we call 'knitted eyebrows' in Konkani!

dipali said...

Both look so sweet! And the header pic is absolutely awesome, by the way! Anush is a beauty.

Mayuri said...

i love the fabric.

where can i find them in chennai?

Hip Grandma said...

I know I am late. But please accept my mother's day and b'day wishes together.

And in Adithi's place i too would have felt upset at having to wear hand me downs!! Just joing. The girl's look adorable. Hug them for me.