May 09, 2011

Nature Mania

Lalbagh it was this weekend. First time for Aditi- third or fourth for Anush.
We had loads of fun and I had not even carried  a ball with me.
Nature offers enough to kids to play with and their imagination adds on to the fun.

Went to the famed MTR for breakfast and enjoyed the Rava Idli but found the turning off of fans midway through our breakfast rude. If the weather had been better I would have lauded the same.

Toying with investing in a flat in Bangalore. But this time I am not going to go overboard.  The motto is going to be de-clutter. Because we are placing access and convenience over size and style, given the budget.

Here is the another bit of fun we have been having with colourful felt paper..


Bubble Catcher said...

Even we were at Lalbagh this weekend.Would have been nice to bump into you :)

Anonymous said... I found this website online. It was recommended by a friend. You can order books online, and they will even get books from outside the country for you. Thought you might have some interesting finds for Anush