March 10, 2011


Had been to Anush's new school to give her measurements for uniforms.

It used to be so exciting- the ritual of getting fresh uniforms for a new year at school!

I recall my expectation and pleasure, despite my uniforms being unimaginative and boring -blue pinafores and white shirts across four of the five schools I went to.

Anush's uniform is also of the dull kind, but I am sure it will feel and look extra special to her..... and on her to me.

Next in line is the book collection day. That should be great fun as well. I wonder if they still cover textbooks with brown paper.....


sandhya said...

Oh, yes they do. It is a wonderful activity every year to sit down with the new school books, smelling their fresh paper smell, and sheets of brown paper, and cover them together with A. She loves helping me do all that. I'm hoping next year it will be me helping her cover her books!

Simran said...

Ooh!! I love that smell of new books. and i r'ber me and my sister wrapping all our notebooks and books. And 1st day of school every year was so exciting and nerve tingling. I wish I could do that again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Art

Best wishes for the new beginning


Uma said...

I find uniforms cute on every kid... no matter how dull
and yes they still cover books with brown wrappers and don't forget the label :)

hope anush enjoys all these..