January 12, 2011

Aditi Babbles...15 months

Read this post and decided to do a similar one for the record on Aditi.

Hi - to all and sundry

Bye/ bye bye/ tata- if she sees you moving out of sight and to ask to be taken out

Up- to show the fan or the moon

Baby- All small kids -real, on paper and TV

Akka/ Anna/ dada- used correctly

Atthai- for a few well known aunts who visit

Thhaatha- used perfectly

Apathi- for Chapathi the moment the roti bai enters the home

Bikki- biscuit

Mummum- depending on tone- Give me food! OR You are eating ? Without me?- this one is the same....

Dhudhoo- Milk- this too

Aacchu with empty hands extended- to mean over

No no no- with vigorous head shake

Hutch eee- for sneeze after she really does
Dhee Dhee- dance


Than thoo- thanks

Nite nite- good night

uv ooo- love you

Bowbow- any dog/  animal

Birdie- bird

Kaaa- car

AB CHEE- ABC - taught by Anush

hot- meaning hot beverage

Oh with horror on face and palm on mouth- when she drops something

Wow, Pitty- for appreciation

Adi- herself

She calls my name with authority ( learnt from her dad and my mom no doubt)

Her favourite word and person- Appa! Appa! Appa! APPPPPPPAAAA!!


R's Mom said...

Awww! I so loved loved loved it..and the header pic...priceless :)

Minka said...

Sooo cute - this post will be fun to come back to when she's older !! I love her cheeky grin !!
Dhruv's fav is listening to things he used to say as a baby ;-)

And Anush's photo on the sidebar - very nice !!

Vidya said...

Such a cute post! Its amazing to see how they hop from single words to stringing them together. Than-koo, athai, thatha, bikki- all so similar- a dialect by itself:)

sandhya said...

How I miss all that now! Kala tikka!

royal stalliion said...

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Anonymous said...

CUTE!!!!! That's a million dollar smile in the header.

The Print Lover said...

The header pic is adorable! And Anush learning dance? Wow :-)

Congrats on the new series. You are truly inspiring Art.

Rohini said...

Awwww... What's with second born and their daddy love, huh? Mine's first word when she wakes up in the morning is Dadda!

artnavy said...

Thanks all

Minka/ TPL
Yes, Anush is learning dance- been two months or so- she is very graceful with the hand signs but her movements look more like Karatenatyam!! :-)

Yes Aditi just worships Navy- giving me much needed respite!

New series is more urban with a girl hero ...hope u like it if and when u get to read it

Unknown said...

i so want to meet her art... ohhhhhhh plsss tell me when i can come over!

How do we know said...

whenever i come to your blog, i leave with a smile.. seasons greetings for tomorrow.. :-)