December 20, 2010

Weekend wrap up

Had a cozy blogger meet with Shankari, Shruti, Sandhya and kids. I felt so at home!! The kids bonded instantly and we also had a cool craft session from Shruti. Apart from chatter, eats and gifts. I was so moved that Shankari remembered my post and quest for slates with wooden frames and got them for us! Is that thoughful or what!?!

Went to Mainland China after years- enjoyed it thoroughly from the crackling spinach to the darsaan. My father who had introduced this place to me in Mumbai over a decade ago, was the one who took us again here in Blore.

Made a trip to Chintamani and was again wowed by nature's beauty.


Shruti said...

I loved meeting u guys. hope anush liked the impromptu craft session.

yay! i saw the Christmas craft in the side bar.. n that ganesha mural.. I was sooo drooling for that at the exhibition. :)

Monika said...

oh ....u r so lucky to have so many blogger meets. It was nice coming back & reading all the updates. :)

artnavy said...

she and I both LOVED IT- did the red flower- yet to do the purple one

we will have a grand one in summer okay?!!

Unknown said...

Pics of the red flower on my FB page plssssssssss :) I forgot to give u the shiny buttons!! use pearls if u have them at home