December 21, 2010

Cake Walk

Anush and her thaathu visited the 36th Bangalore Cake Show. Anush thought that the Taj Mahal hotel replica looked like a mosque and nothing like a cake.

She loved Humpty Dumpty and the treasure chest. Here are a few snaps clicked by her:

My father rightly observed that these exhibitions make one feel ..." we also have cakes" given that they are not exclusively devoted to the theme and have gone rather commercial with all sorts of random stalls.

While on cake, my mother made some delightfully yummy pumpkin- apple- orange cake.


Marjorie said...

Great photos, Anush!

Shankari said...

My brother and family also made it to the cake exhibition on Sunday..

Finally I am managing to catch up on the blog posts :)

artnavy said...

Thanks Marjorie- will let Anush know

cool shankari!