September 06, 2010

An Urbane rural experience

We headed to Nrityagram the brainchild of Protima Bedi. A beautiful pristine gurukul. ( the timing was perfect it being the Teachers' day weekend)

Though they have only Odissi being taught now, it was a truly soothing experience. Got to see a magical Odissi class in progress. Up close, I felt that the expressions and the waist movements were far more sensual in Odissi than in the other classical dances.

The campus is rustic and gorgeous, taking being one with nature to a different level. Got to see jackfruits and sitaphals, humming birds and even one majestic cobra! No I did not take a pic of that one.

Taj Kuteeram ( just opposite Nrityagram) is where we went for a simple and wonderful brunch. Very good service !

Saw Our Native village signs and followed them to discover what the excitement was about. Both the day and night packs are wholesome and interesting. Figured out that while they have a day packg, we could also go there just for lunch post a visit to Nrityagram, with prior intimation to the city office.

So if you are in Bangalore and you have a day off , head for Hessarghatta and do all the above and if you have 2 days include an overnighter at Our native village.

Bonus- a not so long ride from the city, beautiful trees, roadside farm fresh veggies and mushrooms.


ChoxBox said...

sounds fab!

artnavy said...

YOU have not been there? I was sure u would have- at least to Nrityagram

ChoxBox said...

see mail!

RGB said...

Heard about this place. Next time in Bglore, hope to stop by.

Mama - Mia said...

yes, both the places so gorgeous!

both times we went to ONV, we stayed there the night, went to Nrityagram the next day and had lunch at Taj Kuteram. all the places are so peaceful, green and earthy! :)


sandhya said...
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sandhya said...

Changed my blog a bit. You'll find me at

artnavy said...

u must rgb and chox

abha - u and arundhati are who drew my attention to ONV

noted sandhya