September 03, 2010

Star Struck

I used to enjoy the shows - Cosmos by Carl Sagan and Star Trek back in my childhood. My first planetarium visit had been to the one in Calcutta with my father. I still recall the wonder and awe it evoked.

Anush has been to the one in Chennai where she had been a bit intimidated initially and then enjoyed it. I took her to the Bangalore Planetarium yesterday.

We got to see the Wonderworld of Stars show ( English at 4.30pm)
While the show was informative and the voice over was clear and crisp, I think it would be nice to have shows more specific to younger kids and this one is apt for 8 plus onwards.

I was wondering- the sanctity of science is important , how about livening it up with a song such as Yeh tara woh tara har tara or some game ....

Also if there was more touch -feel -do kind of activity it will engage curious kids and let them participate. Maybe they do have them but I did not find any.

Anush is hooked on to the book we got on the Stars and Solar System. Though some it would be too much for her age, I indulge her enthusiasm and read her a couple of pages at a time.

The campus is green and lovely- they also have these HUGE conifers which seem to be barely managing to stay up

Friendly staff complete the package.

Like chox said, it is rather cold in there. I find this to be the case at most planetariums- the aircon is possibly set assuming full capacity in terms of audience??

For those of you who are interested there is Science in Action exhibition this weekend


ChoxBox said...

the solar system one at 12 (or 12:30) is the one that younger kids will appreciate/enjoy, IMO. had taken mine when she was almost 4 and she’d enjoyed it a lot.

artnavy said...

12 timing does not suit on work days and weekends are too busy with relatives and such

will try and catch it sometime though...

Namrata said...
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Sanya said...

Maybe some day Anush will become an astronaut; the first to land on an asteroid or maybe visit Mars? I remember that age I was fascinated with space too. What a wonderful time for dreaming.