September 28, 2010

Library period

Aditi scrutinising her books

When I was in school, library meant only a subject, that too just once a week, when we were not allowed to take home any of the books. We were to read and return the books during that one hour or so. Very uninspiring for someone who grew up with lots of books, of a large variety, at home .

I was a member at a library in Shillong for the one month that I holidayed there and realised that this was a good way of enjoying my hobby without spending too much of my folk's money.

However most of my life we have only bought books from favourite shops such as Prabodha in Vijayawada, Strand and the footpaths in Mumbai, Landmark in Chennai.

It was only over this weekend that I enrolled in a local library called Just Books.

Apart from access to more books at a lower outgo, I have just run out of space at home for any more books unless I dispose some, which I am unwilling to do!!

As Navy says, I guess we will not really stop buying books despite this but may end up reading more, which is never a bad thing. With Anush also beginning to read to herself I look forward to using the library well.

Here is my latest review at ST of a rather different and deep story for children. My first book from the library.

I must mention "How Far will I fly?" a beautiful book lent to us by Uma, is also of the same genre but more cryptic.


RGB said...

First things first. You have such wonderful header pictures on your blog. Your camera must be real busy, eh?

And looks like you have an early starter, aditi reading books on her own already. You're right, you can never have enough of books! Just get yourself another book shelf, it's worth it:)

artnavy said...

rgb- pics are often courtesy navy's nephew, my cousin and a friend from college- all three have fantastic skills

book shelves- 3 shelves r still in our chennai homes- so need to get them here and 4 cartons of books sitting there as well....

aditi is only busy tearing up the plastic film off the board books- breaks anush's heart ...since she hardly did that- anyway trying to teach her that they she can look at the pics- which she has just begun doing

ChoxBox said...

Happy Reading!

Lovely pix both - the subjects are so awesome, pix have to be good I guess :)

Anonymous said...

happy reading art!!

try hippocampus for kids books... awesome awesome place... chox can vouch for it :)

and the header pic is priceless

Uma said...

Love the wide smile on hermit crab - makes him look oh-so-cute! :)
Pretty cup cakes... just like Aditi!
Three Questions - sounds really nice... will look out for it.
I'm glad you liked 'How far ...' :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. Both the girls have such enchanting smiles.

warm wishes


Kowsalya Subramanian said...

header picture - what a cute look - looks like aditi is admiring her big sister's beauty - love all your header pictures - your daughters smile start my work day :) :)

starry eyed said...

I like both options. SOme books I just have to own. The library option makes me feel very rich! Soooooo many books I can read! Really miss the public libraries in US, where I went almost crazy checking out 12-15 books every month! It was food for my soul!

Love that pic of Aditi so absorbed in her books!

and oh, I need several bookshelves...we're being crowded out of our flat by the books!

I had uninspiring libraries at school n college too. I guess it's the inspiration and encouragement from home that matters more than anything else.

spoorthy said...

Hi Arty,

Have always been a follower of your blog and commenting for the first time....i very eagerly watch for the updates about your children..they are damn cute. i have a daughter who is 1y 4 months. since your younger one is 1 yr..i thought you can relate to me..i wanted to know you have any ideas how to keep these kids occupied and entertained at home..:-)