August 18, 2010

Potli baba!

Anush received 3 Potli folk art kits this birthday - all different arts. Wonderful stuff. Great Initiative. We saw them at Dastkar, as I had mentioned a couple of days back.

A word of caution- none of their kits are complete- some brush/ string/ print ref- one or the other is missing. Nothing that one cannot replace/ do without but when you have paid good money for it one expects it to have all that it is supposed to.

Also their website mentions - " All the Painting kits also come with a DVD of 5 short animation films of Folk Tales from various parts of India, and based on the traditional art forms. The films are made by Tara Douglas." but that is not there either. This of course could be attributed to a limited period offer. But I would love to have a copy in any case.

Available at Sutradar in B'lore and you could visit their website .


ChoxBox said...

Thanks for the info - will be loved in these parts :)

Am in general v happy with these kind of kits - always felt there is so much India has to offer and now finally we have this sort of stuff.

Another thing I'm looking for is short nice books in Sanskrit - something like Tulika does - any idea about that kind? Tried to get in touch with Sanskrit Bharati but they don't have any such at all.

sandhya said...

Will schedule a visit to Sutradhar. Thanks, Art.

@Chox: Do you mean story books in Sanskrit?

ChoxBox said...

@Sandhya: Yup. Kid here wants to learn it. The textbooks are rather textbook-ish, was looking for stuff thats more interesting/fun.
She used to learn French at school when she was 5-6ish, and there was so much stuff that was mega fun. Wish there was such for Sanskrit too.

artnavy said...

Chandamama, Pratham and ACK had some right?

here is one that may help- not sure

pooja ratnakar said...

Dear artnavy ,

Sorry to hear that few things were missing inside the boxes. We do take care to make sure nothing is amiss, but will be happy to replace the kits, if you would like to.
Also, as far as the kits with DVD, these are available with OR without the DVDs. If you wish to order the ones with DVD, please write to us at , and we will look into it.